cap. v

Flash Cards

Be sure to pronounce the words carefully!
vīlla -ae fcountry house, villa
sōlus -a -umalone, lonely
sine prp +ablwithout
rosa -ae frose
pulcher -chra -chrumbeautiful, fine
peristylum -ī nperistyle
ōstium -ī ndoor, entrance
nāsus -ī mnose
līlium -ī nlily
impluvium -ī nwater basin
hortus -ī mgarden
habitāredwell, live
foedus -a -umugly, hideous
fenestra -ae fwindow
ex/ē prp +ablout of, from, of, since
etiamalso, even, yet
dēlectāredelight, please
cum prp +ablwith
cubiculum -ī nbedroom
carpere -psisse-ptumgather, pick, crop
ātrium -ī nmain room, hall
aqua -ae fwater
agere ēgisse āctumdrive, do, perform
age -ite +impcome on! well, now