cap. xiv

Flash Cards

Be sure to pronounce the words carefully!
vigilārebe awake
vestīmentum -ī ngarment, clothing
valērebe strong, be well
valē -ētefarewell, goodbye
uter-que utra- utrum-each of the two, both
uter utra utrumwhich (of the two)
tunica -ae ftunic
tū tē tibiyou, yourself
togātus -a -umwearing the toga
toga -ae ftoga
tabula -ae fwriting-tablet
surgere sur-rēxisserise, get up
stilus -ī mstylus
sordidus -a -umdirty, mean, base
solēre -itum essebe accustomed
sinister -tra -trumleft, f the left (hand)
rēs reī fthing, matter, affair
rēgula -ae fruler
pūrus -a -umclean, pure
prīmum advfirst
praeter prp +accpast, besides, except
poscere poposcissedemand, call for
parentēs -um m plparents
omnis -eall, every
nūdus -a -umnaked
neuter -tra -trumneither
multum -ī n, advmuch
mergere -sisse -sumdip, plunge, sink
lavāre lāvisse lautumwash, bathe
inquit -iunt(he/she) says/said
induere -uisse -ūtumput on (clothes)
gerere gessisse gestumcarry, wear, carry on, do
gallus -ī mcock, rooster
frīgērebe cold
ex-citārewake up, arouse
dexter -tra -trumright, f the right (hand)
de-inde/deinafterward, then
cubāre -uisse -itumlie (in bed)
clausus -a -umclosed, shut
calceus -ī mshoe
apertus -a -umopen
alter -era -erumone, the other, second
af-ferre at-tulisse al-lātumbring (to, forward, about)
ad-hūcso far, till now, still