cap. xxiii

Flash Cards

Be sure to pronounce the words carefully!
vultus -ūs mcountenance, face
verbera -um n pllashes, flogging
nec/neque umquamand never
trā-dere -didisse -ditumhand over, deliver
superior -ius comphigher, upper, superior
salūtem dīcere +datgreet
rubērebe red, blush
quis-nam quid-namwho/what ever?
pudor -ōris m(sense of) shame
pudēre: pudet mē (+gen)I am ashamed (of)
prōmissum -ī npromise
posthācfrom now on, hereafter
plānus -a -umplain, clear
plānēplainly, clearly
per-dere -didisse -ditumdestroy, ruin, waste
pallidus -a -umpale
pallērebe pale
ob prp +accon account of
negāredeny, say that…not
merēreearn, deserve
laus laudis fpraise
inter sē(with) one another
integer -gra -grumundamaged, intact
īn-scrīberewrite on, inscribe
in-clūdere -sisse -sumshut up
illincfrom there
hincfrom here, hence
fortasseperhaps, maybe
fatērī fassumadmit, confess
factum -ī ndeed, act
facile adveasily
dī-mitteresend away, dismiss
con-tinēre -uisse -tentumcontain
comes -itis mcompanion
clāvis -is fkey
ā-vertereturn aside, avert