Flashcards: Latin-English

This exercise provides flashcards of the vocabulary from Chapter 4. Click "Next Entry" to see the first Latin word; click "Next Entry" again to view the English translation. When you have mastered a word, click "Delete Entry" to remove it from the rotation. Whenever you restart the exercise, all the flashcards will be automatically restored.

tumthen, at that time, next
ambulo, ambulare, ambulavito walk
in (+ acc.)into, onto, against
in (+ abl.)in, on
casa, casae, f.cottage, house
moveo, movēre, movi, motusto move
ā, ab (+ abl.)away from
ad (+ acc.)to, toward
navigo, navigare, navigavi, navigatusto sail
oculus, oculi, m.eye
via, viae, f.way, road
ē, ex (+ abl.)out of, from
erro, errare, erravi, erratusto wander
pontus, ponti, m.sea, ocean
pro (+ abl.)in front of; on behalf of; instead of
festino, festinare, festinavi, festinatusto hurry, hasten
trans (+ acc.)across, beyond